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Founded in 2001 by Skip Taylor, EAS draws on vast experience in audio system solutions and technical solutions for the Consumer, Professional, Commercial/Industrial and Automotive market segments. With over 40 years of experience in the audio and music business, Skip brings expertise in market assessment, architecture and system definition, hardware and software design, and new technology implementations, including DSP architectures, Audio Processing and Class-D Amplifier solutions.

EAS? capabilities span deliverables from market and technology assessment studies to prototype hardware/software solutions for customer/client engagement. Through the extensive use of proven partners, EAS can also provide complete ?turn-key? platforms for target audio applications.

EAS is comprised of a team of professionals who represent a combined audio solution experience of over 100 years, and who can contribute to each phase of new technology and product development. The team is comprised of individuals with proven skill sets in:

1) Audio Market Analysis and Assessment
2) Product Definition and Program Planning
3) DSP Architectures and Solutions
4) Audio Processing Algorithm Development and Implementation
5) DSP and MicroController Programming (Firmware Development)
6) High-Performance Class-D Amplifier Design and Development
7) Total Audio System Solution Development

In support of these skill sets, these professionals bring expertise in Digital System Design, Analog and Mixed-Signal Design, Networked Audio, Hardware, Software and Firmware Development, Class-D Amplifier Architectures and Topologies, Linear and Switched-Mode Power Supply Development, and Customer Engagement and Promotion.

EAS product focus ranges from very cost-effect consumer implementations to the highest performance professional and pro-sumer platforms.
EAS is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Early EAS developments led to the founding of D2Audio Corporation, which led the industry in DSP-based Digital Class-D Amplifier solutions, supplying high-performance SoC IC?s to each of the previously identified market/industry segments. After serving for almost 10 years as CTO and Technology Director of the D2Audio technology, Skip has now revived EAS to carry on the broader industry-serving consultancy that resulting in this very early success. The entire D2Audio Systems Team has joined Skip at EAS in this new venture.

As a leading provider of Audio System Solutions, we take pride in offering the best and most innovative implementations. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.